This is a blog dedicated to ALL who ride. NimrodsRacing is a local "condition" that is rapidly spreading into a "pandemic"! We are cyclists, some fast, some well-balanced, some (like me) slightly off kilter, pro, cat 5, enthusiasts, and newbies. We cheer for the underdog! We welcome challenges and laugh at adversity. We race because friendship and camaraderie grow through the sweat and struggles placed before us - just kidding, WE ARE NIMRODS!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nimrods Around the Nation

Just wanting to add a little to the blog that has now become a website at We are growing in Nimrodity around the U.S. Our ranks include ambassadors in Texas, Colorado, Northern California, and soon the United Kingdom! Word of mouth and between friends is how this friendship is spread. Join us! Ride with pride and Flail harder than you've ever Flailed before....

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Can you hear the marching band??!!

Today starts a new chapter in NimNation! Gerry, Mark, and Dave rolled out the new KIT! and made a statement - WE ARE NIMRODS! Their pride and allegiance bore upon their shoulders with the mark of the "i"!

Ride strong, flail big, and smile if your going down.....and hope a shutter-bug captures the moment!

Friday, August 20, 2010


Well my friends, it has happened, the all new Nimrodsracing Kit has arrived! Not only is it uber sexy, it has a slimming effect but POPS to the eye. If you ordered one, you are going to look fab and I believe you will increase your power output by hundreds or less (individual outputs will vary - consult with your healthcare provider before wearing anything proclaiming to enhance your energy...yadda..yadda..yadda) But seriously, just holding the kit made my broken clavi mend and allowed me to don the new kit to my wife's dismay and the fearful screams of my children. My wife received a phone call yesterday that there was a Nimrod sighting on PCH! Crazy how fast the love spreads.....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Rig?

So here I sit broken hearted, trying to work, but I'm jonesing on a what to buy for my next bike. I have been looking at the Leopard D1 and CL1 but for frame and fork their pricing is a little high for an online bike situation, I am leaning towards a Van Dessel - the frame and fork are a bit heavy compared to my S-Works but it sure is a nice looking rig and the pricing is pretty sweet:

Check out the reviews and!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Nimrod Standard!

We have all probably been wondering...what makes a nimrod a nimrod? and why do I gravitate toward being a member of such a high status level "Team" AND finally - What does it take to "BE"? Well I'm here to shed some light on "The Standard": To begin to understand the commitment one must have a Baseline to work from, a benchmark. I would like to show you exhibit A This is me, Nimzero, after a solo crash while riding in what I thought was a straight line at the El Dorado Crit I was closing a gap on the back straightaway looked over my shoulder and veered left into the parking blocks that line the street - I really don't know how I did it- but I did it well - hit the block - flew into a superman landed on my head and left shoulder felt the bone crack as I tumbled to a stop...grabbed my shoulder and clavicle and knelt as if saying a prayer as the gang sped What a bizarre occurrence. Here is my bike:
Here is a picture of me 3 minutes after the morphine shot (my wife asked me to open my eyes all the way) - I told her "they were"!The medication worked well, I don't remember much of the evening, but I'm glad I didn't take anyone out with me. Here I am day 2: I am setting this event as the standard because of how extremely lame it was...I am sooo flippin' embarrassed about it, but it is the standard we must live up to - I guess. But no more broken bits please.....

Monday, August 9, 2010


Photo provided by Jeff Sipper -

So - there is this guy, he is pretty mellow, doesn't say too much, BUT, can turn a two-wheeled turd into a dream rig without breaking the bank. His name is Bacon. He works at Adrenaline Bikes. He is second in command under Jim L. (If you need a rig he can build you anything your heart and debit card desires.) If you have not seen Bacon yet, you can't miss him - He is the smiley bearded hairy dude telling you that gold wire nipples are all the rage!

Sipper Photography Bacon - aka - Jesse B.